Wellness & Support
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To make an appointment to see one of the counsellors at NPGHS you can go up to Wai Ora and drop a "request an appointment" slip in the box on the door OR you can email us: [email protected]      

Another option is to send us a message via Teams or text us directly and we'll get back with a time for you.     

Contact details:  
Text  - 020 418 87388     

Whaea Jo - 020 402 28090 
(available alternate Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)

Jan Finnigan - 020 418 87363 
(available Wednesday to Friday)  

Please ensure you do the following:          

  • Tell us who you are the first time you text    

  • Please only make appointments for yourself       

  • PLEASE let us know if you are unavailable to make the appointment scheduled  

Stymie Anonymous Reporting

It takes courage to say something.

Stymie empowers young people to ask for help when they need support, or if they are seeing or experiencing harm.

Stymie provides online reporting for schools. Encrypted, anonymous notifications are delivered within seconds to authorised recipients, who respond according to their wellbeing framework. The notification provides the option to include screenshots or images that validate the notification. 

Suicide ideation, discrimination, anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm, physical fights, sexual assault, family violence and illegal activity are reported using Stymie.

Our purpose is to support psychological safety by empowering young people with the self-belief that they can #saysomething on behalf of themselves or as a bystander for someone else.