A home away from home

Boarding at NPGHS Scotlands Hostel provides a safe, warm and welcoming environment supportive of students whilst encouraging them to do well academically and participate fully in the sporting, cultural and social life of the school.

Life at Scotlands Hostel
  • Caring and secure environment 
  • 24 units with 5 - 6 private cubicles per unit
  • Access to school grounds and facilities
  • Excellent staff to student ratio
  • Active 24-hour care 
  • Leadership opportunities and training
  • Community initiative opportunities and activities
  • Up to145 boarders - Years 9 to 13

  • Active and supportive extra-curricular programme

  • High expectations of our values Respect, Responsibility and Positive Relationships

  • Increased independence encouraged at all levels

  • Year 13 House provides an opportunity for a “flatting” experience in a supportive, well equipped environment

  • Rich and diverse cultures

  • Boarders make a notable cultural, academic, social, sporting and leadership contribution to the life of the school

  • Lifelong friendships

  • Boarding encourages a mature and confident foundation towards adult life

Hostel Manager

Boarding at Scotlands is an exciting opportunity for each student to experience a 'home away from home' in a safe, secure and picturesque surrounding.

Here at Scotlands Hostel we provide our boarders with a safe, secure and caring environment in which they can feel happy and supported in all that they do. We are well equipped to support and encourage our boarders to achieve by helping them to focus on their learning goals, discover and explore new opportunities, make new friends, build strong positive relationships, and to have fun by doing different things with new people who can become lifelong friends.

Cimone Wright
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