Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Our Learning Vision is to empower our girls to connect with a wide range of knowledge to become safe, confident, adaptable and connected global citizens.  Learning will be meaningful, authentic and creative.

     Why Bring Your Own Device?

What device?  We expect students to bring a laptop to school to support their learning. We are a Microsoft Office 365 based school and we recommend a Windows 10 or 11 device, capable of running Microsoft Office. It should be lightweight and robust enough to survive teenage life, have a battery life of 6 hours of higher, and enough RAM (min 4GB) and Solid State Storage (SSD – min 128GB) for applications to run smoothly. A touch enabled device will provide the best learning experience. 

Chromebook type devices are not recommended as experience shows they often have difficulties on our system. Mobile phones are not suitable for BYOD learning. If you have an existing laptop, don’t buy a new one until the device no longer meets your needs. The school has a number of older loan laptops for students who cannot bring their own. Initially these will be loaned on a daily basis from the library. Students will need to get it issued before 8:35am in the morning and return it at the end of the day.

More info:  As a part of our Microsoft licence all students can download and install MS Office products on their devices (up to 5) via their NPGHS Office365 account.

Owners should take care over the security of any devices brought to school.  They are brought to school at the owners risk and are not covered by any school insurance.  Parents and caregivers are advised to check the status of their own insurance to cover them.

Use of laptops will be determined by the teacher.  The Building Positive Relationships (BPR) Programme has been extended to cover any issues that may arise.

The school Wi-Fi network internet access is filtered in the same way as access via school computers.  User access will be logged and can be monitored.

The school cannot monitor the students own mobile data plan internet usage on personal devices.