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Volunteers Needed - Reader/Writer or Reader/Computer Assistants

This year we have a significant number of students with dyslexia or other learning needs who have been approved reader/writer or reader/computer assistance by NZQA for their assessments.  We are looking for volunteers to work with these students during their assessments. Generally, this means assisting a student for 1-2 hours, three or four times each term, when they have an assessment during the school day. If you are able to assist more often, we would be very grateful.

Training will be provided, but the main attribute you need is to have a calm, patient and supportive personality. You do not need to know anything about the NCEA subject being assessed as you are not permitted to help the student, but you do need to be able to read instructions out clearly and write or type at a reasonable speed.  

If you can volunteer some time to help these students show what they know and can do, please email:

Shirley McVicar, Head of Awhina Learning Centre – [email protected]  or phone:  028 2554 2802.

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