Uniform Information
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Our Uniform

New Plymouth Girls' High School students wear a simple and practical uniform throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on wearing the uniform correctly and with pride.

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NPGHS Onsite Shop Hours

Normal Term-time Hours:

9:30am - 4.00pm
11.00am - 4.00pm
9.30am - 2.30pm 

The Uniform Shop is located in O Block.
Phone:  06 9203260


Uniform Requirements

For All Levels

Shirt:  NPGHS regulation shirt

Jersey:  NPGHS regulation navy merino (non allergy) jersey

Footwear:  Black sandals with backstraps without socks or pantyhose/tights, Haviana sandals are allowed (not surf wear sandals or jandals).
Black low heeled and plain, polishable shoes with or without plain black pantyhose/tights or black ankle socks. No sports shoes, boots, or canvas shoes.

Jacket:  NPGHS regulation jacket only.  No other jackets to be worn.

PE Uniform:  NPGHS regulation PE shirt, black shorts/trackpants, sneakers and swimming gear.
Protective gear, e.g. mouth guard.


Scarf:  Plain black/navy
Headband:  Plain black/navy

Any additional clothing worn underneath the uniform (i.e. tee shirt/ thermal top) must not be visible

Jewellery & Makeup

Students are allowed to wear:


  • Up to three earrings in each ear (either plain studs or sleepers)

  • One silver or gold, metal pin-head sized, nose or lip piercing

  • A wristwatch

  • One necklace

  • One bracelet

  • No other items of jewellery are permitted.
    (Rings of significance can be worn on a chain around the neck)


Taonga may be worn around the neck.


  • Makeup is generally not permitted but if worn, must be natural in appearance with no eyeshadow or lipstick permitted. 

  • No coloured nail polish or artificial/gel nails. 

Years 9, 10 & 11

Skirt: NPGHS regulation style knee-length tartan skirt

Culottes/Shorts: NPGHS regulation knee-length tartan culottes or tartan shorts

Trousers:  NPGHS regulation trousers

Years 12 & 13

Skirt: Regulation knee-length navy skirt

Shorts/Trousers: NPGHS regulation knee-length navy shorts or NPGHS regulation trousers


Tie: NPGHS regulation tie

Blazer: NPGHS Blazer 

Honours Blazer: NPGHS Honours Blazer –   awarded only

Formal Dress

Representing NPGHS at formal occasions: Regulation Blazer and navy skirt/trousers, white shirt and tie.