NPGHS Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan 2024-2025 

Equity and Excellence

To provide ākonga/students with an engaging refreshed curriculum based on Te Mātaiaho which prioritises local knowledge, enables them to achieve qualifications, and prepares them for life beyond school in a globally connected Aotearoa. 

To enable all ākonga/students to realise at least one year’s progress for a year’s learning, regardless of previous achievement or diverse abilities.

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Culture and Belonging

To enhance understanding of cultural competency in a range of contexts, including Te Ao Māori, and what this looks like at NPGHS.

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To increase the rate of ākonga/students attending school regularly. The definition of ‘regular’ is attendance of above 90%.

To develop educationally powerful connections with ākonga/students and whānau which show ākonga/students how to learn and challenge them to achieve their personal best.

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Equity and ExcellenceAnnual Implementation Plan 2024

Curriculum and Qualifications
Time to focus on NCEA L1

Focus on Numeracy and literacy progress from Y9-13

Prioritise communications on NCEA and Te Mātaihao, keep staff learning top quality

Learning Support - introduce AFL

Share progress with all learners and whānau

Gifted and Talented support

Culture and Belonging Annual Implementation Plan 2024

Cultural Competency
Kāhui Ako, iwi, whānau, taiohi conversations

Māori, Pasifika, Gifted and Talented, Learning Support communities

Professional learning opportunities for staff translate to practice

EngagementAnnual Implementation Plan 2024

Attending school regularly
Further improve attendance systems to be the most efficient and effective

Increased accountability for everyone responsible for attendance - staff, students, whānau

Partnership with school, learner, whānau

How to Learn
Learnership, knowing how to learn and growing as learners

Engagement reports relate to competencies and skills

Students are able to articulating what success means for them

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